Shrewd Mammal


Who are you?

You are a citizen of the world. You are a member of the human race. You ARE responsible.

Why are you?

Who knows, but reason is something WE create for ourselves, let YOUR reason be a good one.


You can look at as many teachings by as many different wise people as you like, personally I look to Jesus but wherever you look, in the end, the final analysis points to love. I am not talking about the hippie “free love” thing (that’s probably your mind working over time!). I am talking about human love. The desire to see no-one left behind, to see every person reach their potential, to see people become more than they thought they could. To create a world marked by peace not war, by growth not population reuction by many means, to create a world driven by morals and behaviour worthy of the creation that we are.

and so….

Tell us about yourself below….let us know who YOU are… šŸ™‚


2 Responses to "you"

Thanks for the comment on my blog…noticed you had me linked on your blogroll, just curious how you found me and what has led you to follow the blog? Are you in London or the UK? I was a part of 2 mission trips to Islington in London a few years back.

Hi! I’m the author of OpenMicroBlogger and I saw (searched for omb and found) your Tweet about my software.

I just wanted to offer help if you are trying to hack on it and have any questions. I’m hanging around in the IRC channel #omb on

Or you can Twitter me @brianjesse

Cheers! And thanks for your interest in OpenMicroBlogger

— Brian

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