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Just a thought but I got an email from a well known charity job site today and I noticed with some incredulity that almost 80% of the jobs advertised were located in or around the London area with some of them being in the centre of London.

Why, if charities as we are always being told, are so strapped for cash do they waste money by spending extortionate amounts of charitable donations on expensive London offices?

It makes no sense…in fact I think that any charity who asks me for money will first be asked “where is you head office located and why?”. Unless they are a charity that works solely in London there can be no excuse for paying such hi rental fees for office space and employment fees in one of the most expensive cities in the world!

Rant over 🙂

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OK, so I had this chat with my father-in-law who mentioned an idea that had emerged at home about a way round MP’s extortionate expenses and general costs.

Why don’t we get MP’s to stay in Military accommodation in and around London as opposed to second homes or expensive rented flats? We can be sure that they will secure, we can be sure that they will pay more attention to the state of Forces Accommodation and, when they leave office, they can leave all the stuff behind for the next MP. A nominal rent could be paid to the MoD in return for secure accommodation.

A blinding idea….I look forward to the Conservatives moving this forward …. 🙂

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