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I stumbled upon (No, not the web 2.0 way) the Elgg social network engine about a month ago….I was looking for an engine that I could use as a social hub for a niche ministry network and I chanced upon Elgg.

I noticed that Elgg v1.0 was due for release “summer 08” but summer is almost over and I am one of an army of frustrated Elgg wannabe users. We get occasional appetiser blog posts and shouts on Elgg voices but it is getting very frustrating now…a little bit of communication goes a long way.

So I downloaded PHPizabi and AroundMe today….I am playing with these for now but I am sure I am not the only one that is frustrated with the wait. I know that Elgg v1.0 will be well worth the wait but….it’s painful.

There is only so much you can take of Elgg Classic with it’s lack of documentation and the sheer desire to enjoy V1.0.

I love what I have seen of Elgg Classic so I know Elgg V1.0 will be great….just wish the team would not tease so much and perhaps pin a proper date down?

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OK, I am an Ubuntu fan boy….no hang on I am a Linux fan boy period. But something happened today which fair broke my heart.

Having spent the weekend backing up my files and websites because well, it was time frankly, I decided to update my Ubuntu server to the latest release. I clicked on the handy-dandy “update” balloon and just clicked the button.

Left it for 1/2 an hour, I figured it was time well spent to read my bible and go to the Doctors.

Came back to find my Ubuntu server sitting in the corner of the room, rocking back wards and for wards, completely unresponsive to key press or mouse move. This did not feel good, I got that sort of sinking feeling that truly only a Spurs fan can feel having gone 2 nil up in the first half against Arsenal.

After much furious clicking of mouse and hitting keyboard I bowed to the inevitable and rebooted. And lo! Verily it rebooted…..sort of. It got to the point where it tried to start X-Server and it fell over…”I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that”. It was what i call the Henman, it got far enough to make you think that it might just be possible but it failed at the critical point and left you feeling let down but impressed at the plucky attempt that was made.

No problem thought I, my trusty Webmin will allow me to back up my databases and grab a copy of the stuff I worked on last night. But no….apparently “The server was taking to long to respond”.

Great, just darned great. I am a great believer in “One chance only” for OS’s – that was it for Ubuntu!

So, I cracked open the Knoppix CD, vented my anger, grabbed my files onto usb and then unveiled the glory that IS Fedora Core 9.

Behold, I give you Fedora as my new server. I’m sorry Ubuntu, it’s me not you, I am just not ready for such effort, and you did let me down.

So, FC is doing it’s think….and next….Netbeans for some Java lovin’. 🙂

Been playing with Elgg Classic so am gonna wang that on there for Leap of Faith engine and maybe Pligg for podobo…we’ll see.

But now, whilst FC is laying down some bits and bytes on my hard drive I am gonna read up on Colossians 3.12-17 for house group tomorrow.

Am listening to Paul Washer…the guy preaches how it should be done…Spurgeon would be pleased.

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