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Whatever. The point is that in the UK we have a DUTY to those who have fallen in wars to protect our rights to freedom and democracy. We have an obligation to their memory and our children’s future to ensure that those rights are protected and nurtured, not trampled on and abused. You can’t complain about a government (any government) trampling on our rights if we do not stand up to it. If you had said to me 20 years ago that we would:

  • Be required to get permission from the state to protest against the state
  • Would be subject to detention without charge for a period of (currently) 14 days
  • Would be fighting against getting children fingerprinted in schools
  • Would be subject to statutory DNA farming on arrest with no form of redress or record removal
  • Would be subject to constant surveillance of our movements by CCTV and ANPR
  • Would have 1 CCTV camera for every 7 people in the UK

I’d have said “go back to China…that does not happen in a free, democratic and BRITISH society”.

But now?

I would say…”Welcome to Britain 2008…papers please…”

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Call me cynical but……

Energy prices go up….and the media reports they could go up by another 40% this year (This is legalised extortion…the only winners are the Government and the Energy Companies)….Government says “Oh dear, well maybe we should re-introduce the whole Nuclear Power thing now then eh? Cheap power and all that!” (Knowing that it will take at least 10 years for the new strategy to have any effect on prices…

Food prices go up and are reported to continue to rise….Government says “Oh well, maybe we need to start bringing GM Crops to our lower food base range…cheap food eh?”.

Sorry, I don’t buy that. The more ANY SANE PERSON looks at the global situation, the more you HAVE to smell a Global Rat…

Of course if the Global Conspiracy theory will not fly then at the very least the UK Energy Companies (and by virtue, their shareholders) have a massive part to play in the destruction of our economy…how? Well if our Utility companies had not been sold down the river to foreign companies we would not be subject to what is in effect economic warfare. If these international companies where not allowed to extort (yes, extort) money from the UK citizens in such a way as to protect their own profits and economies then we would not be facing one of the biggest economic crisis in 30 years.

Capitalism works only if you have a market that is not destroyed by excessive taxation.

On a side note, if this Government is willing to take the plaudits for its “sterling economic mastery” over the past 10 years and NOT give credit to the international economic state, when the economy goes Pete Tong as it is doing, well heck, they need to stand up and take the flack….but NO…apparently it’s all down to international economic pressures..nothing to do with Browns economic mis-management and shicanery eh?


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Although we can congratulate the Irish for doing what we would do given half a chance, we are going to see the Lsbon Treaty implemented everywhere except Ireland.

The EU needs this and will disengage with it’s own rules to make it happen, by allowing Ireland to step back from “the bits of the Treaty it dos not like”…which of course will mean that Ireland will no longer be a FULL member of the EU.

To my mind therefore, the EU would be creating a two-tier Europe and if I was in Ireland I would be mighty upset to find that because we did not agree to something, we are effectively ousted from a club that we were a full member off.

The fact that we in the UK were never given a vote on it is a gross abrogation of democratic responsibility by this government. Manifestos whilst not a promise of actuality do IMHO constitute an “agreement” between the electorate and the party. Simply to hide behind weasel words and “due process” to avoid an undertaking is a shameful mis-appropriation of trust and a gross mis-representation of democracy.

In all of this, the hoodwinking of the British public we have and remain complicit in our own downfall. The be seduced by celebrities, holidays, fuel price rises and football etc touted by a shameless and avaricious media establishment means that possibly, we are getting what we deserve.

Good strategy is about diversion…we are living a diversion my friends….

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So the Labour party says it will not field a candidate to contest the by-election caused by Mr Davis resignation.

To not stand and defend the *principles* upon which this government have dismantled habeas corpus and destroyed the core values of freedom, privacy and liberty for we we fought 2 World Wars show not only contempt for the British electorate but a lack of backbone more commonly associated with pond life invisible to the naked eye.

The Liberal Democrats and The BNP are not going to field candidates because they AGREE with David Davis’ views on the erosion of our core freedoms, but for the party who are responsible for stripping out our freedoms to fail to field a candidate is above all cowardly and, a gross abrogation of democratic responsibility.

Let the people decide or, are you too scared??


I know that to most people 42 is the answer to everything but here in the UK, our MP’s are voting today on whether to allow the Police the right to detain “terrorist suspects” for up to 42 days without charge.

Now, ask people the question “Would you like the Police to be able to detain terrorist suspects for up to 42 days without charge in order to carry out investigations” and most right minded citizens will give you a resounding “YES” because to be honest, for those suspected of terrorism frankly 42 years would be fine by me however…..there are to my mind a few fundamental questions to answer aside from the obvious one about the Human Right to Freedom (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)..

  1. Can we be sure that the Police and the State would use the powers in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  2. Can we be sure that the powers themselves will not be a platform for further legislative development to further control the (mostly) law-abiding citizens
  3. Can we be sure that both the public and the Police (ABE The State) have the same understanding of the phrase “Terrorist suspect”.

1: Can we be sure that the Police and the State would use the powers in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Remember during a Labour Party Conference when a 60-odd year old bloke was heckling Tony Blair and was removed from the auditorium…do you know what he was threatened with? That he would be charged under the umbrella of the “Prevention of terrorism act”. Or how about the lady who stood outside Parliament reading out the names of dead British Soldiers, charged under the “Prevention of Terrorism Act”.

I cannot see an ever more powerful Police Force and State resisting the urge to use these powers in ever increasing ways. Look at the way the Congestion Charge Cameras are now used, real-time feeds to Police yet when they were implemented we were told they would be used for Congestion Charging only.

2 Can we be sure that the powers themselves will not be a platform for further legislative development to further control the (mostly) law-abiding citizens?

No in a word. History teaches us, if we we will but learn.

3 Can we be sure that both the public and the Police (ABE The State) have the same understanding of the phrase “Terrorist suspect”.

To me (and I could be wrong) a “Terrorist Suspect” is someone about whom the Police have a reasonable suspicion that they are up to no good. Seems fair. But the use of the word suspect is the problem here…how do we define and agree upon a “suspect”? We have entered a similar situation to Russia in the 1930’s – we are being encouraged to grass up or “denounce” people on a mere suspicion, a suspicion that will likely ruin some ones life for a good while.

One of the biggest questions is this…


Now, do you?

Now, it has been said that “Parliament would have the right to veto use of the extended 42 day period if it so chose”…and this would happen how? Knowing that the Police will not and cannot divulge any pertinent information on current cases how would Parliament be able to make an informed judgment about the validity of the detention request? We would be left with…..taking the word of the home secretary….wow, and that is democratic how? The word of the same government who have lied to us time and time again….

So, the vote happens today and more than likely MP’s will be coerced (by the Whip) system to vote along party lines. I ask you in the name of all that was British HOW is that democracy? How is it that something as fundamental as this right to freedom less important than keeping a cosy MP’s job, salary and flat? How is the British public to be served by MP’s voting not according to the wishes of those who elected them, but of their paymasters?

It is at this point that I breathe a sigh of relief and turn with misty eyed hope to our House Of Lords. Imagine if Tony Blair had gotten his way over Lords reforms, if all we had now was an ELECTED upper chamber….where would the control mechanism be then???

I can only hope that the bastion of democracy that is the House of Lords does what it has always done and weighs in with reason and fortitude, displays the qualitative analysis for which is is known and revered and throws this ridiculous bill back from whence it came.

If we cannot rely on the “children of democracy” to do the right thing by the electorate, we can surely rely on the “guardians of democracy” to do it.

Now, I am sure that many people would value a Police force that had the tools to meet the threats we face as a society but, we must be ever vigilant in understanding the TRUE nature and level of the threat and not be brow-beaten into giving up more liberties in the pursuit of a security which IMHO is not at risk from outside or 3rd party organisations….we are at greater risk from our own state mechanism than any other organisation.

As a private (??) citizen, if I wanted to protest against the war in Iraq I now need to get the PERMISSION of the Police before I can. Is this the freedom our grandfathers fought and died for?

I think not.

This government and by extension the State machine are willingly, speedily and with complete joy trampling on the memories, lives, hopes and dreams of those who fought and died, those who are fighting now and those who live in this country. We are being controlled by a state intent of knowing everything whilst being responsible for nothing.

I say it is time for Democracy to be re-born, for people to get up from in front of their wide-screen tv’s, to stop worrying about where to go on holiday and realise that we have allowed so much of our liberty to be taken from us that we are now at the mercy of a state whose prime concern is control, taxation and subservience.

YOU try protesting without permission, YOU try to get your elected representative to vote against the party, YOU try to live a FREE life…see if I am wrong.


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