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I was listening to Radio 4 today and they were discussing something about MPs salaries and expenses being open to scrutiny and audit and I listened to an MP say how this was too much auditing, to much scrutiny and just because a few MPs had “played the system” did not mean that all of them were bad.

I thought that this was in one way highly ironic, that the very people who have made a career out of foisting ever more draconian surveillance and control security laws on the normal, everyday citizen should complain about privacy and too much scrutiny.

I have suffered so much in the way of rising bile having listened for the past 10 years as MPs tell us that all this security, CCTV, ID Cards, Biometric Passports, Congestion Charging, Toll Roads, scrutiny and state monitoring is for our own benefit but well, MPs….I have one thing to say to you in respect of your expenses….

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!

Does not feel good does it? That statement offers you no comfort does it….and what if the goalposts move? So now you know how it feels to be a “private” citizen in the UK.

I hope you enjoy your scrutiny mate!

On a side note….MPs get £30 per day (that’s right, per day) allowance for groceries. The average school child has 50p a day spent on their school meals. The average Squaddie gets a whopping £2.20 per day spent on their meals…and MPs who are on an average package that equates to a whopping £100’000 a year (3 times the national average household income) get £30 a day…now what is wrong with that picture?

Mps in the UK today have NO SHAME, and very few of them have a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE and even less of them have a BACKBONE. Is it any wonder why the UK electorate has so little faith in the democratic system or the people who laughingly “represent” us? Is this the model of democracy that we want to export to the world?

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