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Although we can congratulate the Irish for doing what we would do given half a chance, we are going to see the Lsbon Treaty implemented everywhere except Ireland.

The EU needs this and will disengage with it’s own rules to make it happen, by allowing Ireland to step back from “the bits of the Treaty it dos not like”…which of course will mean that Ireland will no longer be a FULL member of the EU.

To my mind therefore, the EU would be creating a two-tier Europe and if I was in Ireland I would be mighty upset to find that because we did not agree to something, we are effectively ousted from a club that we were a full member off.

The fact that we in the UK were never given a vote on it is a gross abrogation of democratic responsibility by this government. Manifestos whilst not a promise of actuality do IMHO constitute an “agreement” between the electorate and the party. Simply to hide behind weasel words and “due process” to avoid an undertaking is a shameful mis-appropriation of trust and a gross mis-representation of democracy.

In all of this, the hoodwinking of the British public we have and remain complicit in our own downfall. The be seduced by celebrities, holidays, fuel price rises and football etc touted by a shameless and avaricious media establishment means that possibly, we are getting what we deserve.

Good strategy is about diversion…we are living a diversion my friends….

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