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The government announced that they had 3000 blank passports hijacked the other day…read it here

And how can they expect us to even consider giving the state more information when they cannot even securely transit BLANK documents? OK, its bad news for the driver/s and I feel for them but they should have been properly guarded as such a transit of this material warranted.

An Identity and Passport Service spokesman reiterated that “hi-tech security features” left the passports unusable. “The police are doing everything in their power to catch the perpetrators,” he added.

Maybe in this country but overseas, they can be used as fake ID to open accounts etc….

Still, I am sure we have CCTV of the perpetrators…oh wait, maybe we don’t because the cameras were not working. I bet the government have had the forsight to tag the vehicle as they want the general populations cars to be tagged…oh wait, maybe not.

Once again, another fine example of state cock-up.

Of course, in the artcile we also see that the NHS has lost confidential patient information…


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to the Irish who have thrown out the Lisbon treaty with a resounding “Not on your nelly”.

Lets see what those Eurocrats do now…

Mr Brown who kindly decided to play weasel word politics and NOT give the British people a vote on whether we should be sold down the river to the European Experiment has once again been kicked properly in the regions.

WELL DONE IRELAND and before I forget…. THANK YOU!!!


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