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So the Labour party says it will not field a candidate to contest the by-election caused by Mr Davis resignation.

To not stand and defend the *principles* upon which this government have dismantled habeas corpus and destroyed the core values of freedom, privacy and liberty for we we fought 2 World Wars show not only contempt for the British electorate but a lack of backbone more commonly associated with pond life invisible to the naked eye.

The Liberal Democrats and The BNP are not going to field candidates because they AGREE with David Davis’ views on the erosion of our core freedoms, but for the party who are responsible for stripping out our freedoms to fail to field a candidate is above all cowardly and, a gross abrogation of democratic responsibility.

Let the people decide or, are you too scared??



It is rare in this country that we find a Politician who is willing to put his own personal advancement on the line in response to a principle.

David Davis has decided to resign and raise the profile of the erosion of personal liberties in this country.

Well done and GOOD LUCK.

I salute you Mr Davis


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