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I enjoyed Euro 2008….it was by and large a wonderful spectacle of sporting prowess and gave us some fine examples of the beautiful game. I half wondered if I enjoyed it so much because England were not playing…maybe I could enjoy it stress-free?

But that aside…

I was so pleased that a team that played such great, stylish and frankly superb football had won the championship. I was stunned that the Germans got as far as they did by playing the way they had but hey ho, that is football.

What shocked me (well OK, not shocked, more saddened), was the complete lack of grace that the German players exhibited after the match had finished. Where was the applause for a superior team, a team that had outplayed the Germans on every part of the field? Where was the grace in defeat that would have gone a long way to changing peoples perceptions of the Germans?

The picture I saw of Lehman just staring with what looked like contempt at the celebrating Spanish to me, summed up the very reason why the German nation has a PR problem. What I wanted to see was the German team stand to a man and applaud a superb performance…they did not.

Oh well, they lost but you can’t have everything.

Still, well done the Spanish 🙂

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