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You know that the proof of Gods existence is evident in the heart of every single person. We are his greatest masterpiece, his signature on the canvas of human history. With this knowledge we must understand that the myth of evangelism, that we have to constantly argue anything, is a false one. The argument itself already rages in the soul of everyone who does not know Christ and our job is provide answers to eternal questions, pointers to a Christ-centred solution to life’s problem, a way to the truth and the light. Deep down, there is a part of every human that is crying out, begging for them to hear us. This is the truth of effective evangelism. Every being is searching to fill a God shaped hole, each person is a brush stroke yet to be madeā€¦

Jesus challenges us to lead a life of adventure and risk, once we see the true beauty in the moments of life, we learn to live in each moment. We don’t want to spend a life looking back at missed opportunities.

Our faith provides us with the surety of God’s existence and the knowledge that He is with us, it DOES NOT promise us that our journey will be a safe and secure experience. It does not promise us we will get there unharmed.

Once we recognise that God is in every human being, once we look through God’s eyes at each hurting, growing, living, loving, missing, feeling or hiding person, we change the way WE love. If we have been touched by the creature of this universe, how we remain unchanged?

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