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Whatever. The point is that in the UK we have a DUTY to those who have fallen in wars to protect our rights to freedom and democracy. We have an obligation to their memory and our children’s future to ensure that those rights are protected and nurtured, not trampled on and abused. You can’t complain about a government (any government) trampling on our rights if we do not stand up to it. If you had said to me 20 years ago that we would:

  • Be required to get permission from the state to protest against the state
  • Would be subject to detention without charge for a period of (currently) 14 days
  • Would be fighting against getting children fingerprinted in schools
  • Would be subject to statutory DNA farming on arrest with no form of redress or record removal
  • Would be subject to constant surveillance of our movements by CCTV and ANPR
  • Would have 1 CCTV camera for every 7 people in the UK

I’d have said “go back to China…that does not happen in a free, democratic and BRITISH society”.

But now?

I would say…”Welcome to Britain 2008…papers please…”

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