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Yay! I have moved this blog to it’s own domain!

You can now visit me at

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The Social Network thing it seems has been done to death, you have social networks for teenagers (bebo), flirty-thirties (facebook) and wishing-I-was-still-30’s (myspace).

I know that there are a myriad of others and there are loads of what I call hyper-networks like Ning (Commercial – ad free or ads everywhere with the free version!) and Barnraiser (A high quality Open Source alternative).

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And now, good citizens of the UK, you can kiss goodbye to ANY semblance of privacy on the web. I remember reading an article 4-5 years ago about this and reading comments like “never happen”, “government would not allow it” but oh yes, now the Govt are SUPPORTING this.

For what purpose?

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EU_draft_report So, the EU have decided that now, they don’t like free speech on the Internet because I presume, there are more blogs against the controlling elemental aspects of this corrupt, un-accountable, almost evil aspect of our world, than there are supporting it.

I wonder when all this control freakery will stop. It seems that even in Europe land we are not immune from the 1984 loving, Stasi-imitating, thought-policing garbage you would only expect from a Labour Government…

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I stumbled upon (No, not the web 2.0 way) the Elgg social network engine about a month ago….I was looking for an engine that I could use as a social hub for a niche ministry network and I chanced upon Elgg.

I noticed that Elgg v1.0 was due for release “summer 08” but summer is almost over and I am one of an army of frustrated Elgg wannabe users. We get occasional appetiser blog posts and shouts on Elgg voices but it is getting very frustrating now…a little bit of communication goes a long way.

So I downloaded PHPizabi and AroundMe today….I am playing with these for now but I am sure I am not the only one that is frustrated with the wait. I know that Elgg v1.0 will be well worth the wait but….it’s painful.

There is only so much you can take of Elgg Classic with it’s lack of documentation and the sheer desire to enjoy V1.0.

I love what I have seen of Elgg Classic so I know Elgg V1.0 will be great….just wish the team would not tease so much and perhaps pin a proper date down?

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