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A couple of things really get my goat, one is the way that large corporations ride roughshod over the ordinary folk, spouting lies to justify their practices whilst the government does  nothing. The second is the way that a sneaky and malicious Big Brother style society is being formed in front of our very eyes, at the behest of a control freak government and state that is hell bent of creating a socialist paradise where we are all afraid to think anything.

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I spent the day today at back down in my old stomping ground of Nottingham. I went to a licensing service for Lay Reader’s at Southwell Minster.

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Well, I am going back to school. OK so not quite “going” to school but study. It has long been my desire to do some sort of Degree and I had considered right till the last minute that I might do something Theologically focused.

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Sometimes you here a statement that just speaks to you, that encapsulates something so well that it seems you would be lost if you did not remember it.

I have listed a few quotes about Jesus, God, Atheism etc. that I just well….like…

Fell free to add your own to the list.

I don’t know…Jesus must be turning in His grave

Radio 5 Live caller (BBC)

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Listening to Radio4 again on the way into work I heard |David Cameron being interviewed and he was asked about how a Conservative Government would help fund something like the freeze on Council Tax.

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The Social Network thing it seems has been done to death, you have social networks for teenagers (bebo), flirty-thirties (facebook) and wishing-I-was-still-30’s (myspace).

I know that there are a myriad of others and there are loads of what I call hyper-networks like Ning (Commercial – ad free or ads everywhere with the free version!) and Barnraiser (A high quality Open Source alternative).

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But evidently someone did…

I was alerted to this by The Devils Kitchen, an interesting blog and not for the faint hearted or those easily offended.

An article in the Daily Mail that quite honestly, beggars belief. Well ok, it doesn’t given the state of our country know but really, this is so amazing as to be off the scale. Proof as if proof were needed that we have sunk to new depths…

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