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Is it me or do the BBC seem like they WANT financial armageddon. Watching the news today and for the past few weeks it feels like all the news crew at Bush House are having ecstatic episodes over the whole credit crunch/recession/failure thing.

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I was listening to Radio4 today and the disrespectful and outright combative “interview” that the Chancellor Alistair Darling had to endure from Mr Humphreys about the Treasury rescue package on offer and I drove pass a petrol station that had unleaded at £106.9 per litre. I did a double take.

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But evidently someone did…

I was alerted to this by The Devils Kitchen, an interesting blog and not for the faint hearted or those easily offended.

An article in the Daily Mail that quite honestly, beggars belief. Well ok, it doesn’t given the state of our country know but really, this is so amazing as to be off the scale. Proof as if proof were needed that we have sunk to new depths…

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First, let me start by saying that I am a card carrying Conservative, I am a paid up member of the Conservative party. That said…

This past year or so have been for any non-Labour supporter one of political glee and joy. Watching the death throes of the New Labour experiment, the demise of a once half decent Socialist pretender and the unveiling of the complete sham that was the “Prudence” of our Prime Minister as Chancellor has been a validation of everything that I have believed and hoped for.

For the last 10 years we as a nation have been subjected to what amounts to social experimentation, social thievery and fiscal armageddon on a huge scale, a wastrel philosophy of greed disguised (poorly) as social equality and the creation of a social malaise not seen since well, the government before.

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This morning I was reading Luke 12:1-12 and it got me thinking about reputation versus character, especially I light of something like the Lehman Brothers collapse.

I am no financial guru and know next to nothing about the finance sector but even I knew of Lehman Brothers. As I understood it, it is was pretty well known bank and my limited knowledge of it was that it was a huge, stable and well known bank.

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As I sit here listening to Radio 4 it is evident that the sharks are circling. When something like this happens (Lehman collapse) the media in it’s entirety attempts to simply create panic in order to increase listeners/readers/viewers.

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You bet! Today Oil hit $101 per barrel, up from $99 yesterday. It rose on news that OPEC will reduce output to maintain prices. Fair enough that is our fault for being so reliant on this stuff but the price was last this low in June of this year.

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