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how much does this government have to do…

Posted on: October 15, 2008

before we as a nation actually start to take action? If the whole “we want 42 days” was not enough, now the STASI like control freaks in the government want to make a further, more invasive and frankly abhorrent move into YOUR privacy.

Reported by the State Broadcasting Corporation here, the crux of the story is that Jacqui “all your data are belong to us” Smith has put forward plans to create a database of EVERY UK phone call and email sent.

This something they just did in Sweden to a lesser degree but for the love of ALL that is Holy will they not just STOP WITH THE POLICE STATE crap and let us live a free and democratic life, like “wot our fathers and grandfathers died for”!

The home secretary said police risked losing the ability to fight crime and terrorism without new laws.

Or they could just stop sitting at the side of the road behind speed cameras, servicing the myriad of static cameras or having a coffee with 3 other police cars as I saw them doing on the M18 the other day. Perhaps if they spent more of their time actually doing Police work instead of sitting or standing around drinking coffee, chatting to their mates and checking out ladies who walk past they might have some more effect in their fight against crime (or the fight against doing anything of real impact except giving people criminal records, populating their DNA database with innocent people and children and investigating absurd complaints!).

Reports suggest the government wants a single database to store details of every UK phone call and e-mail sent.

Great, just great – what happened to privacy? And what would they use this data for, how long would they keep it? Who would have access to it (Local Councils?).

Ms Smith stressed the “content” of e-mails would not be stored but she said consultation would be launched in the New Year on what the new laws would be.

Yeah, not collected FOR NOW, but if there is one thing I have learnt about this government it is NOT TO TRUST A WORD THEY SAY about legislation and it’s future uses. After all, we used the Prevention Of Terrorism Act to freeze the assets of Iceland – the country!

Plans to collect more data on people’s phone, e-mail and web-browsing habits are expected to be included in the Communications Data Bill, due to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech in November.

You see that? WEB BROWSING – where did that come from? I presume this whole thing will be worked on some sort of algorithm that says if I have a certain amount of points or “hits” on the system to raise my security profile above “sheep” then I will find some erstwhile Copper kicking in my door at 3am, scaring my wife and kids to death, possibly shooting me 5 times in the head (which of course as Cressida Dick said would be “most unfortunate”) and then suing my wife for tripping over the carpet on the way out.

Well, write to your MP NOW and demand they vote against this complete destruction of freedom. If the people of Britain do not STOP this then frankly we deserve all we get and I for one will consider this country a Police State. I think we are on the way but this will push it over the edge.

I would protest but I would have to get permission from the State before I could…hang on, that sounds like a Fascist state…..

See this blog for more comment.

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