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Posted on: October 14, 2008

OK so the Lords did a grand job of kicking the 42 day thing into touch and slapping the Police State in the face.

Bravo for Democracy…..for now.

What worries me (and I know you might think I subscribe to the Alex Jones theory of the world but I don’t, honestly!) but on reading this link from the State Broadcasting Corporation I become a little worried.

Our Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has decided to wait “until they really need it”…

She confirmed that the government would not attempt to override the will of the Lords by using the Parliament Act. Instead a new bill to allow 42-day detention would be introduced if an emergency warranted it.

Now, putting my tin hat on I would say that it would not surprise me if about 2 months prior to an election there was some terrorist incident or maybe a Police swoop on a couple of Islamic stereotype ne’er do wells who are found to have the de-rigueur “links to al-queda” and some household chemicals that can create an explosive device. Then there will be some hoo-hah about how the Police need more time and how the Tories stopped the bill going through, they will re-introduce it and hey presto, job done via the good old “fear factor”.

Or maybe, keeping my tin hat on and raising the bar a bit more, there will be an incident that involves a loss of life but, it will “come to light” that IF the Police had more time, they could have found evidence on the hard drive of the bombers PC BEFORE the incident or maybe even “intercepted emails”.

I know, the government would NEVER do that to get legislation through…..think on my friend…would they not…have they never??

On a side note, you should pop along to Power to the people, a good read and very thought provoking!


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