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the BBC and wanting the world to fail

Posted on: October 11, 2008

Is it me or do the BBC seem like they WANT financial armageddon. Watching the news today and for the past few weeks it feels like all the news crew at Bush House are having ecstatic episodes over the whole credit crunch/recession/failure thing.

Between reporting on job losses, interviewing shop owners on the high street about “how bad it is now” and Robert Peston seemingly aiming to make news by causing a crash in the share prices of Lloyds, RBS and Barclays by his irresponsible, self-aggrandising and downright gory reporting via his blog about the meeting these banks had with the Chancellor, I am beginning to think that the BBC wants to MAKE the news, not report it.

Every morning when I wake up it is bad news that assaults me from every angle. Don’t the selfish fools at the BBC/Sky/ITN know that this sort of inflammatory, some would say gleeful reporting of what is evidently a problematic economic time, simply serves to create a self-fulfilling prophecy? (maybe that is what they want!).

Of course it is not just the TV and Radio media that are doing this but with the 24hr availability of news it becomes the responsibility of the media outlet to report in a balanced way all day.

I heard a news piece on Radio 5 today about a luxury boat maker that has had to cut it’s workforce in half today – GASP!!! How much is that a bad news story, I guess if those who can usually afford luxury yachts are not buying so much we MUST be in trouble. But then maybe, people just don’t fancy buying a new yacht when they bought one 2 years ago eh?

Are they that naïve to think that their constant blathering about the minutiae of the stock market, derivatives and LIBOR will NOT have an effect of the psyche of the nation?

I charge the media of this country with acting in a wholly unethical, dangerous, self-serving and almost immoral way. The building up of an atmosphere of fear to serve the ego’s of the reporters involved using such words as “doom”, “complete meltdown”, “depression” will serve only to create the very recession they seem to so desperately want.

Where is the investigative reporting like chasing after oil companies who have not dropped their prices to match the very low £ppb and are now making £millions per day from over charging on the forecourts, or what about the Gas and Electricity companies who used the rising oil price to justify a shameful hike in prices, only to fail to match the corresponding drop with a proper, fair and equitable drop in price now that oil has dropped considerably?

THAT is what the BBC and other news outlets should be doing, not prancing around in the City pandering to City traders and mincing around outside No10 trying to hide the smile of joy at having so much time in front of the camera.

I know, nothing sells like fear but at least the BBC don’t have to make a profit so what are they trying to achieve apart from an award for “the most biased, scare mongering news channel of the year” – they would have a hard battle against Iranian TV but the BBC would probably edge it.

Reporting in a scare-mongering way does nothing to help the situation, in fact it makes it worse so please, PLEASE stop pandering to the egos of the reporters who so desperately want to make their name by over-reporting, egging on and salivating over this problem and lets get back to some proper balanced and maybe sometimes POSITIVE reporting?

Stop trying to manipulate the situation to your own ends and for once, think about the effect you scandalously gleeful reporting is having on the nation.

Yours, really annoyed.



3 Responses to "the BBC and wanting the world to fail"

Well like you said, bad new sells. Although the BBC don’t need to sell because of the license fee there is still that whole needing to be at the forefront of the news and what better way than by helping to create it.

This is why I don’t listen to or watch the news because it’s all self-serving under-investigated bull.

BBC as with most ‘news’ reporting agencies world wide are no longer in the news reporting business. They have become nothing more than a bunch of commentators, injecting their personal opinions as news in hopes of making a name for them selfs.

@pobept Preach it brother! You know it! I imagine they will be sorely upset if in a years time we are not living in caves and eating year old Lima beans washed down with flat coke.

Mind you, they would not have any license fee from us gullible UK rezidents…

The BBC should stick to what they do best, making innovative and challenging programs, not trying to shape world events by inflammatory reporting.


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