Shrewd Mammal

while Rome burns #2

Posted on: October 8, 2008

A couple of things really get my goat, one is the way that large corporations ride roughshod over the ordinary folk, spouting lies to justify their practices whilst the government does  nothing. The second is the way that a sneaky and malicious Big Brother style society is being formed in front of our very eyes, at the behest of a control freak government and state that is hell bent of creating a socialist paradise where we are all afraid to think anything.

Whilst we sit in our homes looking aghast at the ramifications of a greedy corporate and retail banking sector that has taken our money and wasted it in the pursuit of big bonuses and dividends and now expects us, the tax-payer to bail them out with little or no payback, strange things are happening…(well ok not so strange if you have lived in the UK for a while)

As a further example of the despicable nature of this government and the false terror threat that has been created to enable a coming police state we have now been informed (again by Radio4) that the government is planning to implement a measure to

Help combat the threat of fundamentalism in society

and has …get this…

Written to primary & Secondary schools asking them teach children as young as 5 about terrorism and to highlight any children who may have been subject to or leaning towards a fundamentalist nature.

What in the name of everything that is Holy is wrong with this country??? I don’t WANT my 6 year old being terrorised by what is going in in this world at such an early age thank you very much. I want her to enjoy playing with her Barbie Doll, looking at flowers and enjoying riding on Buses without worrying about getting blown up. I want her to play with her Muslim friends without thinking bad thoughts about them. I want he to enjoy her child hood – there is plenty of time for her to worry about the world when she is old enough to do something about it!

Further more, they are to

appoint a teacher who will be responsible for collecting this information and if deemed necessary, passing it on to the authorities.

What the heck? So now teachers has to become an extension of the state intelligence body and inform on kids who they suspect of somehow coming into contact with fundamentalism? So if my daughter says “my daddy says that Jesus is the only way and anyone who does not repent of their sins is going to hell” I could be reported as a fundamentalist and be subject to this 42 day detention without charge or notification.

This is what happened in Communist Russia, not a democratic and free society.

This is a shocking and despicable abuse of state power and if the British people do not stand up and push against this then well, we are royally deserved of the bad things that will come our way.

How long will it be before thinking outside the state line is a crime? How long will it be before we have a “Fundamentalist Officer” in every school, place of work and place of relaxation. Tell me I am taking it too far and I will say to you that 10 years ago you would have said the same thing about the School Fundamentalist Officer, the 42 day detention rule and shooting a man 5 times in the head and have it called “an unfortunate event and just bad luck”.



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