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3 reasons why I will vote conservative at the next election…

Posted on: September 30, 2008

Listening to Radio4 again on the way into work I heard |David Cameron being interviewed and he was asked about how a Conservative Government would help fund something like the freeze on Council Tax.

He replied that a future Tory Government would:

  • Scrap the ID Card system totally (saving £Billions)
  • Scrap the Children’s ID Index (saving £Billions)
  • Greatly reduce the wasteful engagement of Management Consultants as noted by the ONS

He had me at “Scrap the ID Card system…” but the other two are just like grace gifts….

Bring on the Tory Government and we also get to show the Unions how it SHOULD be, not how it has been under this useless Labour “Government”.

Quid Est Veritas?


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