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Never mind the quality…

Posted on: September 19, 2008

First, let me start by saying that I am a card carrying Conservative, I am a paid up member of the Conservative party. That said…

This past year or so have been for any non-Labour supporter one of political glee and joy. Watching the death throes of the New Labour experiment, the demise of a once half decent Socialist pretender and the unveiling of the complete sham that was the “Prudence” of our Prime Minister as Chancellor has been a validation of everything that I have believed and hoped for.

For the last 10 years we as a nation have been subjected to what amounts to social experimentation, social thievery and fiscal armageddon on a huge scale, a wastrel philosophy of greed disguised (poorly) as social equality and the creation of a social malaise not seen since well, the government before.

But really, will the next Conservative (or heaven forbid Liberal) government really be any better?

Dalton Camp once said

“Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies”

Well, to look at what is being trotted out by either The Conservatives or Lib Dems you would think that Camp was the originator of modern British politics. In a world where we value David Beckham above Firefighters, Security over Liberty and Wide screen TV’s above Social Responsibility we have been fed on a diet or exactly what we have asked for – pointless sound-bites, non-policies, nothing to hard to bear and nothing but sweet words for our ears.

Take the conservatives…I follow both Downing Street and The Conservatives on Twitter (I don’t follow the Lib Dems – what’s the point?) and to watch these feeds as they emerge gives you a great landscape view of the nature of politics in Britain today.

Far from vocalising brave and/or new policies for enhancing society, changing lives for the better or decreasing the onerous tax burden on the British Tax Payer, the feeds basically give us a “Hello” or “Heat” style drizzle of non-news, non-politics and garbage.

Here is what I want to see from any political party:

  • How they are going to reduce the tax burden for all
  • How they will increase the effectiveness of each £1 spent on Public Services (that does not involve more tax)
  • How they will re-address the Council tax issue
  • How they will win back the TRUST of voters
  • How they will reign in the CCTV culture
  • How they will ensure that Education delivers what it is supposed to and is not driven by targets and examination questions (that does not involve more tax).
  • A comprehensive policy that does not involve increasing tax, for reducing our reliance on foreign energy companies and suppliers.
  • A promise to HALT the sell off of key national services and bringing back in-house of local council services like payroll and IT.

That is just for starters, and without thinking. What I (and I am sure most voters) yearn for is a return to politics that matter, not the irrelevancies of such rubbish like “10 reasons why Gordon Brown should apologise”, or “George Osborne has dismissed Labour’s Stamp Duty announcement as a “short-term survival plan for the PM”.

I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS RUBBISH, what I care about is the future of THIS country and how any politician who wants my vote will stand by his/her principles and deliver on what they promise. I don’t care what George Osborne dismisses the Stamp Duty thing as, I care about REAL politics, not this fake “chattering class” consumerist politics.

David Cameron and the Conservatives are riding a tide not of their own making, they are riding on the coat tails of the abject failures of 10 years of a project in social engineering. When the wave crashes they need to be able to paddle under their own steam and that includes having REAL policies that can be defined AND MEASURED, that means not hiding being weasel words and importantly, it means having the STRENGTH of your convictions and standing or falling on what you BELEIUVE, not what you think we want to hear.

I had no time for Arthur Scargill whatsoever from a political standpoint but, I admired him for saying something and sticking with it, if you agreed with him fine, if not, fine.

And for the record, I admired (and still do) Margaret Thatcher because at least SHE had the courage of her convictions, you may not have agreed but she did stand by what she believed.

So, Mr Cameron and oh what’s his name…Nick Clegg, come on, show some metal and why not BE political instead of just going on about non-issues or generalising without measure?

All that said, I will probably vote Conservative..why? Because Socialism is dead, in fact it was never alive under New Labour and anyone who voted for New Labour has in my opinion contributed to the demise of the integrity and sovereignty of the UK an d to be honest, I could not vote Lib Dem…..yet.

Underlying the whole scheme of civilization is the confidence men have in each other, confidence in their integrity, confidence in their honesty, confidence in their future.

Bourke Cockran

1 Response to "Never mind the quality…"

I could not agree more. The LibDems have of course, now laid out their stall, albeit with headlines, but not much substance. The problem is, I cannot see a party that has spend years advocating higher taxes, suddenly changing direction. That said, I have a great deal of respect for Vince Cable, who talks sense, even if I don’t always agree with him.

David Cameron has been silent for too long, it gives the impression of him being weak and lacking substance. He simply MUST now use the Conservative Party conference to set out his policies and ideals, allow us time to digest them, comment on them and, I guess, get used to them. The conservative party have never been a party of fence-sitters, until now and I don’t like it.

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