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$101 per barrel and does it still hurt?

Posted on: September 10, 2008

You bet! Today Oil hit $101 per barrel, up from $99 yesterday. It rose on news that OPEC will reduce output to maintain prices. Fair enough that is our fault for being so reliant on this stuff but the price was last this low in June of this year.

Have the prices at the pump reduced to reflect this drop in the per barrel price? Have the heck! Have the government done anything to legislate against the effective cartel that petrol retailers in the UK have? Have they heck! And why?


This inept government and the Chancellor for the last 9 years or so have singularly failed to protect the country and the tax payer from the huge hole in our public spending budget such that now, the high pump prices need to be maintained by the government through coercion and corporate rebates to fill up the coffers again at the expense of the person in the car.

I cannot believe that we care so little or have so much apathy that we don’t give a rats arse about how bad our government is. You say there is nothing we can do? I say you are not thinking! The ONLY way we can make the government listen and make effective changes is by large coordinated action. Not public violence but by exercising your rights.

So, how can YOU make a difference? Each movement starts somewhere, with one person so let me know if you are interested in banding together and creating what is in effect a Tax Payers Union. Together we can exercise our voice, we can effect companies and policies. If we can get 4 million members in the UK to for example stop buying petrol from Shell or BP then it will make a difference. If we can get 4 million people to swap electricity and gas suppliers then that WILL make a difference.

COME ON, START TO BE HEARD…contact me and we can make a start.



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