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British Gas and the "will you stay" letter

Posted on: September 9, 2008

So, we had decided to move form Briti$h Ga$ about 4 weeks ago and throw our eggs in the E.ON fixed price basket. When I spoke to BG they told me it was pointless to leave because all other gas and electricity suppliers were gonna up their prices by 35% anyway.

Anyhow, we moved and E.ON have been very polite thus far. I got a letter asking for my meter readings from E.ON and at the same time, I got a letter from BG asking me if I would reconsider and giving me reasons why I should stay with a company that fleeces its customers, has terrible customer service and has no interest in addressing customer fears over a TRIPLING of gas usage since a new meter was installed.

These were their points:

  • We are sending all our customers 4 free energy saving light bulbs
  • They can help me cut a third of my energy bill by doing a home assessment  (at a cost I presume)
  • They are trying to be greener and are building a  huge wind farm and a clean coal power station (Woopdeedoo, for which I should be financially mugged eh? Because you NEVER invested in the last 10 years?)
  • They also have 5500 CORGI engineers (which they need to pay)
  • And they added another 800 customer service staff (hence the rises in prices but they do not say they are BASED in the UK.!)
  • And I can view my account online. (Wow, break out the confetti!!!)

So, if I stayed with British Gas I could effectively buy 4 energy saving light bulbs for around £30 each (given fuel price increases), not have to wait quite so long to feel unloved, unwanted and frankly violated by the exorbitant prices and know that if I needed it I could call on a corgi engineer (for which I pay a separate monthly fee anyway).

No, thank you BG.

I know that all energy suppliers are screwing the British home owner with extortionate unjustifiable and completely self raising prices but hey, I NEED to keep my house warm.


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