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Just a rant about public spending…

Posted on: September 7, 2008

I posted this rant as a comment on the excellent site “Power to the people” on an article about public spending and well, I just wanted to post it here to…

When you look at the £Billions that flow into these [Government projects] and many other shameful and downright arrogantly wasteful projects instigated by departments that seem to have no inkling of the fact that they are spending OUR money, you cannot help but feel extreme anger, slight depression, a darkening sense of foreboding and an altogether overwhelming desire to extract personal and painful revenge.

To look at the total spent and WASTED and try to balance it with our disgusting treatment of the old, the abhorrent abrogation of social responsibility towards those in need I cannot help but conclude that those in positions of unelected power in government departments should be lined up against a wall and shot, or more practically made to be accountable for the shambles over which they preside.

I find it amazing and frankly absurd that the Civil “Servants” in charge of some of these failures that occur are simply bustled into another department where they can wreak more havoc on the public purse. They should be sacked, no they should be sacked then taken to court for mis-use of public property.

Or shot of course.(Hang on, now I will be arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act won’t I?)

Anyway, it makes me so angry to see how this (and to be fair any) government have such a mis-aligned sense of both reality and purpose, no clear indication of a connection with the real world and a near calamitous desire to steer our public purse to the edge of a precipice, all the while collecting fat salaries, fat pensions and fat perks.

If you work for the people, you are accountable to them.

We are frankly treated with contempt by those in positions of unelected power.


Depressed of Hull.

Quite honestly, “Harrumph” is a word I do not use enough and I resolve to be more generous in my Harrumphing from now on.


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