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Transfer window

Posted on: September 2, 2008

You know this morning I was unhappy about the whole Berbatov/Spurs/ManuUre saga but now, well as my little bro pointed out – complaining about ManUre’s treatment and tapping up of Berbasulk is a “Pot/Kettle/Black” situation.

“Remember Jol?” he said.

Fair do’s but I felt that the way we got Ramos was wrong, completely. The way Man U got Berbs was wrong. As I said to lil bro….yes we were wrong to do what we did but ManUre exhibited a blatant lack of class and decorum. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Contracts don’t seem to matter a jot nowadays.

I am fast going off football…it’s no longer a sport, simply an extension of the capitalist dogma.

I just think our board should have had more backbone and made Berba sit on the reserves bench for a spell…he would have come round because he knows that to be sold he has to play. And to drop the complaint? What is all that about? Either they had grounds for complaint in which case they SHOULD NOT have dropped it, or they had no grounds and the FA should sue them for wasting their time. I am sick of Levy and the board….they seem content to let us remain a club languishing in the bottom half of the league and, want to sell any player (Keane/Defoe) that they get an offer for.

Ah….who cares.

Berba…good riddance mate, of course I wish you well but not because you have been a servant of the club but because you are human. Keane was a great servant of the club and I was gutted he left but hey Liverpool is his dream, so why not?

ManUre…well what goes around comes around…go MUFC 🙂


Still, Pav should be fun and I guess being the Academy for ManUre’s young guns



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