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Old news but…Lichtenstein, Germany, HMRC and the joys of "Paid" criminals…

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Do my eyes deceive me or did I read about HMRC paying someone who had “acquired” bank account details of people who live in the UK but have accounts in Lichtenstein (for example) and sold it to HMRC for the princely sum of £100k.

It is bad enough that HMRC is now supporting allegedly criminal activity by paying someone this amount of money and giving them a new identity….but wait…there’s more!

The EU have said that all these anonymous or private banking companies that sit in Monaco/Switzerland and Lichtenstein SHOULD now provide the account information to respective governments on who has accounts or not and rightly, they have respectfully refused to do this…


Angela Merkel the German Chancellor has suggested….wait for it…

If Lichtenstein fails to undertake these new rules on disclosure that they face ANNEXATION!!

Now, as one correspondent in the Telegraph pointed out, the last time a German Chancellor suggested such a thing the Sudentenland found itself the subject of the attentions of the German army and, woke one morning to hear the footfalls of the 3rd Reich parading down the streets.

Our Telegraph correspondent also suggest that perhaps there is an inherent aggression in the German psyche?



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