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A vibrant democracy

Posted on: August 28, 2008

I was listening to Radio 4 (as I am wont to do driving to work) and I heard an interview with David Milliband our Foreign Secretary (who by common consent looks about 18 and seems to be related to Harry Potter) who was discussing this whole Russia/Georgia malarkey.

When asked about Ukraine joining NATO he said “well, the Ukrainian people have to have a referendum on this matter, that is what a vibrant democracy does…” and I was forced to smile to myself, no scratch that, LAUGH uproariously to myself, much to the surprise of those overtaking me.

It would seem using his logic that we in the UK are not considered by our own ministers, to be a vibrant democracy (no referendum on Europe or anything else for that matter!)…..does that make us decidedly un-vibrant…or to put it another way…DEAD.


British Democracy…exported but not forgotten



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