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Are we really surprised?

Posted on: July 29, 2008

BP Announce massive profit… rank profiteering

Are we really surprised? I am not a fan of windfall taxes per se but when we see the gross and frankly obscene profits generated through the hardships of working people, well something has to be done.

The big oil companies control the Oil market and are therefore the ones who have forced the raise in prices. We will see the prices drop but the will stay above £1.00 a litre so, these oil companies can rake in more profit and we will forget how they have pocketed so much money because we will be *relieved* that the price has dropped from a high of £1.16ppl of unleaded.

The sooner we find an alternative to oil the better. How in the name of all that is Holy can we sit back and allow this to happen? Where ever did our backbone go? Where ever did our disdain for extortion, profiteering and pure greed go?

This is the price we pay for allowing the wholesale abrogation of responsibilities by UK companies, for allowing shareholder short term gain to be the governing principle of what is now the thin end of the capitalist wedge. I am a capitalist but I also see the need to protect the well being of the people of any country. The extortion that we have and continue to suffer at the hands of multi-national companies who have a virtual monopoly on a critical resource is a shameful example of our failure to keep focused on what is important.

People of the world…what David Beckham, Britney Spears or any other celebrity does is NOT important!

Remain vigilant and be prepared to step up to the mark…how much is too much???

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1 Response to "Are we really surprised?"

We should have a windfall tax, it’s not the oil companies fault that everyone’s buying oil from them at high prices because they think it’s not enough.

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