Shrewd Mammal

Where are you…?

Posted on: July 25, 2008

I have noticed as I sit and watch my feed via Socialthing from Twitter contacts and Facebook friends how much information you give away without knowing it…for example

A couple of people use twitter to tell us WHERE they are and of course by virture of this, where they ARE NOT. And some people on facebook tell EVERYONE that they are “going on holiday for a few weeks now” so *maybe* their houses will be empty…..and given the ease with which people accept friend requests on these platforms you can NEVER be too sure about who your friends are.

Please be careful when giving out too much information or at least make it vague enough not to matter…of course you *could* post something like “I am away for two weeks” and sit at home with a Tazer in the dark waiting for someone to come through the catflap, but I don’t advocate that 😛

Having said all this, I am writing this from Cafe Nero…. 😛 JOKE !!!!!


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