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BBC and journalistic backbone

Posted on: June 20, 2008

OK, a rant…per pro nothing other than a festering wound of rage…

Every morning when I get up at 6.20am I wake to the Business “News” on BBC Radio 4. Every morning I am inundated with nothing but bad news, doom and gloom. It seems that the only thing that the BBC is interested in is the impending collapse and ongoing deterioration in the housing market, the rising price of oil, food and living.

Fine you say, they should report the news…and I agree they should. But EVERY MORNING, the same headline areas…housing….electricity…bad news…retail gloom.

What ever happened to a diverse range of news? Whatever happened to interviewing with conviction. take this….Whenever a CEO of a large company (Gas, Oil, Electricity whatever) is being interviewed at no point does the interviewer analyse what responses are being given, at no point does the interviewer grill the person on things like rising costs and the derisible excuses given. At no point does the interviewer ask the sort of questions that any normal member of the public wants to ask.

If I was interviewing the head of British Gas about price rises I WOULD NOT let him get away with avoiding answering a question about why costs are rising so much by waffling on about Social Tariffs…

The BBC s funded by the public, it should act in the interests of the public and stop creating news or delivering it’s own agenda.

I could do a better job of interviewing a range of CEO’s and Ministers than some of the “apologies for journalists” that are trotted out on a daily basis.

BBC – get some backbone and interview like you should….pansies.

OK, rant over. And for the record, this is directed at the BBC as a whole, not individual journalists…but if the cap fits…

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