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Posted on: June 13, 2008

to the Irish who have thrown out the Lisbon treaty with a resounding “Not on your nelly”.

Lets see what those Eurocrats do now…

Mr Brown who kindly decided to play weasel word politics and NOT give the British people a vote on whether we should be sold down the river to the European Experiment has once again been kicked properly in the regions.

WELL DONE IRELAND and before I forget…. THANK YOU!!!



2 Responses to "Congratulations"

I’m proud , this morning, to have some Irish blood in my veins .

Ireland stands proud and free.

The EU and the UN want your rights. Don’t give them up. May the rest of us learn from from your example.
Congratulations Ireland

Ireland does indeed stand proud and free.

I wish we in the UK had been given the choice, alas democracy means different things to different people.

We don’t want a European super state…..

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